Brand Identity

FAU is German pronunciation of “V”.
That means the victory of skin [V]

Start the skin enhancement for your better skin High functional Aesthetic brand for all

FAU were established in 2004 and started to import and sell as an aesthetic cosmetics for 20years ago as an skin expert.

FAU recognized as a High functional aesthetic Brand from skin care to make up and cleansing line around the world.

FAU makes your homecare like a beauty expert, easier and faster!

For your home aesthetic care FAU with you!

Focus on your skin

High functional cosmetic from skin expert 20 years’ worth of know-how

Different result by beauty expert who know well about skin!

To gain your skin confidence, we are developing innovative cosmetic.

High quality ingredient + High technology, several years’worth of know-how is our background.

High function, High efficacy

For your healthy beauty, Sincerity is the most important.

For your visible improvement, We manage strictly for every step of product production with high standards.

Skin Balance

Help stimulate the metabolism and energize skin and make a skin balance.
This is the first step for Healthy skin.

FAU is not only general “Cosmetic” but provide functional cosmetics to strengthen skin regeneration power.

For your skin, we protect your skin condition anytime and anywhere.

Brand Mission

Create beauty with the clean cosmetics

We, FAU, use the mild ingredients for all products, pursue the honest and right thing for all the process from production to deliver the cosmetics all the.

Brand core values

About brand core values FAU's 6 core values for making [clean cosmetics]

Catch the customer’s needs to move the hearts of customers

Product Quality

High efficacy and differentiated cosmetics


Careful Concern for each other


Adapt to the change rapidly


Healthy individuals makes healthy group.

Good Influence

Donation, Volunteer and Share for good influence